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RECIPE WRITING — Soy Candle Making As Meditation

This is a fun little recipe that I wrote for Carmine Grossi: Soy Candle Making As Meditation. As a former meditation teacher myself, I know anything that gets you outside yourself … Continue reading

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Hike For Wildlife — New Partnership

I am thrilled to announce my new partnership with Hike For Wildlife and Eric D. Brown in Tulsa, OK. I have been contracted to regularly contribute short blog posts about hiking, photography and environmental conservation.

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May Momentum: 24 Percent Growth

I have reached the six month mark for my international freelance and working from home experiment. At this point, I would say it has been a resounding success, and the … Continue reading

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13% Growth in April

The growth continues for Nipigon Freelance! I expanded my client services and profits by 13% in April, compared to the previous month. It looks like my math was off for my growth … Continue reading

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Resume Writing Skills — Another Top Ten Result!

Unfortunately, tests are just not my favorite thing. Does anyone actually enjoy taking tests or feel that multiple choice exams really reflect their skills and aptitudes? In any case, I’ve … Continue reading

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Marketing Effectiveness, April 2015

I’ve found the addition of marketing stats on my profile to be very interesting, if not entirely helpful. ODesk has changed how many applications we can send out each month, by … Continue reading

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Commercial Video

One of the things on my to-do-list was to produce a commercial video to add to my freelancer profile. I found the experience to be much more challenging than I … Continue reading

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27% Increased Earnings In March!

I am happy to announce that I achieved my goal this month, and I earned more than my previous job, in an average month, at the Nipigon newspaper, as represented … Continue reading

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JARET GROSSMAN: FULFILLMENT IS ABOUT PROGRESS Written By Jennifer Niskanen, March 2015 Fulfillment needs to be the main focus of our lives, according to Jaret Grossman, owner of the company … Continue reading

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Focus, appears to be fundamental to Daniel Zia and his Zia Group business strategy. Zia surrounds himself with a stellar team of eight, each centering in their own top-tier, specialized … Continue reading

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