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3: Wendigo’s Wife — Major Rewrite

My hand lingered on the door handle as I peered in, looking for signs that anyone might be awake, but it didn’t look like it. “We have to be quiet okay? My husband and little boy are inside. I’ve got some laundry drying in the front room. There’s probably something there that you can have.” I looked up at Az, measuring his impressive height to that of my husband Adam rather doubtfully, but it would have to do, I pressed the latch of the screen door and tiptoed in. Looks like I hadn’t even closed the door when I’d left, and no one had even noticed I was gone. At least we weren’t locked out.

Az only shrugged in reply clomping into the partially renovated sun porch. He collapsed into the old couch by the wood stove, with an absent, spaced out expression. Of course, I had no idea what to say about the situation either. It was too weird to be real, except here we were. 

Part of me kept expecting to wake up any minute. I was almost hoping for it, so the whole impossible problem would just go away, but the pleasant ache all over my body seemed to tell the real story, and it didn’t want that at all. It was definitely a distracting feeling.

I tossed a pair of Adam’s jeans into Az’s cupped hands, resting on his naked thighs. I didn’t want to look at those fingers, those hands, those thighs. I could smell the snow and sex on us, the wildness of the woods over the spunk of our fluids and sweat. If it was a dream, I could do it all again. It wouldn’t matter if I was really sleeping, but I was awake, and I knew it. Az just stared down at the crumpled jeans like he’d never seen a pair of pants, not moving . . .

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I substantially reworked the third chapter of my book to be less of an info-dump but still provide an introduction for how Kabbalah frames the structure of my fictional universe. My supernatural creature is at last given some kind of origin, even if it’s still mainly a mystery to my main character who doesn’t really have the education and background for it. I’ve also beefed up the romanic elements to balance the esoteric dialogue.

Half of my angel\demon’s original, mystical speech, mainly inspired by Crowley’s Book of Thoth, the Book of Enoch and other Gnostic sources, will now go in a future chapter of some sort. We don’t need to see everything that’s behind the cosmic curtain at once or every secret of time, space and nature. There’s certainly only so much we can absorb, especially in what’s also a romantic story. I mainly focused on the nature of evil, its origin and place, at least according to a clearly inhuman source in my story, but he’s almost as confused as she is.

While this acts as the third chapter of my book, no matter how slowly I seem to be writing it, it can also stand alone as a serial. So, you can go back and read my other work or just start with here.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:


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