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Screen-Shot-2015-09-05-at-12.07.58-PM-1DR. SYNTHIA ANDREWS: SHIFTING ENERGY TOWARDS A HEALING PATH is my newest article for Worldclass Magazine. I absolutely agree with Dr. Synthia that our emotions and spiritual energy greatly impacts our health. I also thought her ideas about everyone being on a healing path were interesting and that we never know what might set someone further along towards health. Andrew’s views on the emotional baggage caused by past injuries also rang a strong note of truth for me, as well as the importance of living in the present.


“The beliefs that we hold, and the attitudes that we have, the emotions that we generate, impact the vibration of our body and that of course impacts our health. What I always try and do with someone is to look at not only what’s really going on with them physically, but what the emotional component might be that’s holding that physical vibration in place. Then, we can work on shifting the emotions or shifting energy. And then, it becomes much easier to heal the physical part of it,” Dr. Synthia Andrews.
I regularly write articles for Worldclass Magazine. I have been their executive editor since February 2015 and a frequent contributor. I usually base my articles on audio or video interviews provided by the client. Sometimes, further research is also required. Many articles are financed by doctors, dentists and other top-tier entrepreneurs to promote their specific brands and services and are produced with their co-operation or material they provide. I work with them and the magazine staff to create something we are all very proud of. I also really appreciate the opportunity to mix with so many successful businesses and to learn strategies from their different fields.


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