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This is an article I wrote for Worldclass Magazine about a plastic surgeon, DR. GEORGE ANTERASIAN: FOR THE LOVE OF FACES. Click on the link to read the entire article.

I found the concept of freezing fat really interesting, and I wish I could ask more about it, but I didn’t do the interview. For example, what are the long-term benefits or affects. Living in Northern Ontario, we could have an entirely new beauty industry!

All kidding aside, I certainly agree, less invasive, safer procedures, without downtime, are obviously beneficial to patients, looking for these kind of medical, aging interventions, and the market is obviously expanding that way.
Screen-Shot-2015-09-22-at-5.34.02-PMIt’s amazing how medicine has changed over the last decade and the things they can do now. My question is always should we do them, just because we can?Screen-Shot-2015-09-22-at-5.34.11-PM-236x300


I am the executive editor for Worldclass Magazine. I have been their executive editor since February 2015 and a frequent contributor. I usually base my articles on audio or video interviews provided by the client. Sometimes, further research is also required. Many articles are financed by doctors, dentists and other top-tier entrepreneurs to promote their specific brands and services and are produced with their co-operation or material they provide. I work with them and the magazine staff to create something we are all very proud of. I also really appreciate the opportunity to mix with so many successful businesses and to learn strategies from their different fields.


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