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HIKE FOR WILDLIFE — Photography & Hiking: Film or Digital?

4791878706_6e2f204f4d_b-1024x683Photography Hiking: Film or Digital? is an article I wrote for Eric Brown and Hike For Wildlife. I discuss the convenience and skill, shareability and cost of digital and film in outdoor photography, as well as differences in how they handle colour and capture detail. I prefer digital photography, myself, but I did learn a lot about film in college and it definitely has its merits too. Both still have relevance in my opinion and are better in different circumstances.

Eric Brown owns Hike For Wildlife. We have worked together since September, 2015 on articles focusing on hiking, conservation and wildlife photography. I propose various topics, then research and write the articles, posting them directly on the WordPress blog for approval. I also provide relevant, creative commons images. My love for the great outdoors is a big part of these articles, and I am so grateful to be able to protect nature by educating the public in this way.


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