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ARTICLE WRITING WORLDCLASS — A Passion For Life and Essential Oils

I wrote this article for Worldclass Magazine’s April Issue. I have an additional five articles in this issue too. You can read the entire article: Marcella Von Harting: A Passion For Life and Essential Oils on the magazine’s website.imageimage The family connection here is obviously very strong, and something I can really admire. I love the idea that Marcella Vonn Harting became a business woman almost incidentally, as she was looking for ways to help her own daughter, then her two children eventually joined her to sell essential oils! It’s a beautiful story. I’ve always had such a sensitive sense of smell, and I certainly beleive it is connected to a lot of my memories. The toxins of our modern world is something I also have to be aware of because I am so sensitive to scents and chemicals. I appreciate a company that keeps things like that in mind. image I write articles for Worldclass Magazine every week. Over time, I have become their most frequent contributor because I consistently produce high quality work, and I am always dependable. My articles are produced using audio or video interviews that are always provided to me by the client. Sometimes, further research is also required. Because I am also an accomplished editor, my articles are also immediately ready for publishing, and I have never missed a deadline. This client values my editing skills as much as my talent for writing. image


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