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Commercial Video

One of the things on my to-do-list was to produce a commercial video to add to my freelancer profile. I found the experience to be much more challenging than I expected. In case you were wondering, yes, I was cold! It could have been worse though if I had decided to do this in January,  instead of April. For the full video experience, please view MY COMMERCIAL.

At one point, I got into a snow bank and because I had broken the crust on the snow, I found I couldn’t really get out again. I had to break a path through a deeper area, cutting up my bare legs in the process, and I ended up actually rolling out. I’m glad my skirt was made of wool! It came out without a scratch. The same cannot be said for me, but there is always Photoshop. It’s all in the name of being dedicated to a project! That’s what you can expect from Nipigon Freelance. That’s what you can expect from me.

To open negotiations for a contract, visit: MY FREELANCER PROFILE.


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