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Price List And Contact Points

imageI prefer a guarenteed fixed rates to an hourly fee. To open negotiations for a new contract visit my: freelancer profile.


Good editing is more than just proofreading. It is the power to hold a mirror up to a subject, to examine the truths hidden behind the illusions. I am a voracious reader. Throughout my life, I have sought opportunities that would allow me to make money through my love of words, be it writing, editing, or teaching English. There is something infinitely satisfying to shaping a piece that is obscured by errors, awkward wording or organization, and to look for its finest points and make it shine.

I charge 0.02 per word to edit articles, reports and resumes. This may sometimes be flexible, however depending on the rate of errors and how much work there is available. The 10% system fee always needs to be added to the quoted price.


My normal rate for writing articles is $0.05, plus the 10% system fee. Articles that do not list my name or that I can not share a link to on my profile, job applications and/or relevant social media sites, must be negotiated ahead of time for an additional fee.


I have created several bookcovers. If all graphics are provided, the cost is $50. If I am to provide original artwork, there will be an additional fee which must be negotiated.


I am also please to announce my new business focused facebook page.  If you are interested in my articles, fiction or other freelance projects, then please like my page and remember to like my posts.  You can even write me a recommendation!  Check it out at:


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