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One of the things on my to-do-list was to produce a commercial video to add to my freelancer profile. I found the experience to be much more challenging than I … Continue reading

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Stand Mixer: 3 Blueberry, Cherry, Orange Loaves

I made Rye Bread yesterday and while Dave and I love it, Kai was disappointed. I guess he just doesn’t see the point of baking if there’s no fruit or … Continue reading

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Stand Mixer: 3 Loaves, Banana, Chocolate Chip Bread

I’ve made an interesting discovery. When I substitute half whole wheat and half white bread flour for all-purpose flour, and bake it in a glass baking pan, my loaves rise … Continue reading

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Stand Mixer Black Rye Sandwich Bread

We finally made it to Thunder Bay, where I could buy some rye flour to try my old Russian Black Bread recipe that I used to love so much when … Continue reading

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3: Wendigo’s Wife — Major Rewrite

A substantial rewrite of chapter 3 of my novel, although I think it can stand alone as part of the serial too. #angel #atziluth #azazel #enoch #crowley #demon #djinn #elohim #irim #kabbalah #life #mysticism #shedim #thelema #thoth #tree #vampire #watcher #windego #yetzirah

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Sometimes resistence is so silly and cookies really are good for us . . .

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FEATHERED ROAR: 2: Wendigo’s Wife

I’ve published Part 2 on Wattpad now too. Don’t worry, you don’t need an app to read it. Just click on the link: “FEATHERED ROAR (2: Wendigo’s Wife)”

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I just published “THE CHICKEN CATCHERS: 1 The Wendigo’s Wife”

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RECIPE WRITING — Soy Candle Making As Meditation

This is a fun little recipe that I wrote for Carmine Grossi: Soy Candle Making As Meditation. As a former meditation teacher myself, I know anything that gets you outside yourself … Continue reading

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MARKETING ARTICLE — Choosing The Right Wax Type For Your Candles

Choosing The Right Wax Type For Your Candles is an informative article I wrote for Carmine Grossi. I explain the advantages and different uses for bayberry wax, beeswax, cream and gel waxes, … Continue reading

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RECIPE WRITING — A Candle A Day Keeps The Bugs Away

 A Candle A Day Keeps The Bugs Away is an interesting summer recipe I wrote for Carmine Grossi that uses clove and citronella oil in a soy and beeswax candle. Using all … Continue reading

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